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I'm at another school in the same conference as you😎 there were a few factors involved tbh but regardless your team is hella awesome.

Ugh now I’m super curious! It could be our rival school…. Haha so you run for them? But aw thanks I’ve only been here for like a month but thanks

Did the upper part of the usual Monday 1000’s workout today!! It was great bc I haven’t “worked out” in a long time. So it was probably about 400 meters or so and I was going relatively fast. I don’t know if I could hold the same pace doing the full thing but maybe. The instep of my foot was swollen again after warm up and after cool down, so I iced my legs.

Didn’t do much at therapy today. Biked, did some core type stuff, and then did yoga with Aaron. My quads are on fire