So if my test results come back negative my mom is making me go back to the doctor to get another throat swab (ugh) to test for strep. But mono tests often come back negative if you do them too early in the sickness so I’m scared I’ll have to get another swab

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not to scare you at all, but definitely be careful and don't be afraid to tell your coach no! my friend died from having his spleen rupture (which is really rare, he just hit it really hard), so play on the safe side xxx

Oh wow.. that’s scary and I’m sorry :( But thank you, I’ll let him know what’s up on Wednesday! 


alsooo I didn’t get blood tests yet but the area where my spleen is kind of hurts and that’s a surefire sign of mono so YA.

I told my coach today and he was all 

coach: “okay well i’m assuming you won’t be at practice tomorrow then?”

me: “yea probably not”

coach: “Okay we’ll just put you in the 400/800 until you feel better”


i wouldn’t like that :(

So my mom and I decided I shouldn’t go to Young Life tonight because I have homework. But then I realized I left my glasses in Dominic’s cupholder because I placed them there after school on the way to the fieldhouse. So I can’t do my homework and therefore my night has been restored and AP psych will not stand in my way

~Current~ Issue

Okay so I didn’t go to school Wednesday or Thursday because the right side of my throat is swollen because my lymph node is massive (It’s usually big, and gets swollen when I become ill, but it’s massive right now) and the node in the back of my throat is also noticeably larger. I went and got tested for strep (which I don’t have). If I get a fever, my throat feels worse, or my headache/whatever comes back I have to get tested for mono :( which is possible but I doubt I have it. But also sleepy a lot sooo Ugh. If I end up having mono, I won’t be allowed to run for 3 weeks which means my track season is completely shot.. So I haven’t exercised since last Saturday (besides yesterday because I walked a donut dash 5k but that was a casual thing) because of my hip and then getting sick and just ugh why do these things keep happening :(